To Our Readership:

Editorial –

We are proud to be entering our 8th year online, and we wish to thank all of you who check in every now and then to get a laugh at our satirical cartoons or read an article by contributing artists and authors.

During the past year we have expanded our topic areas to include more editorials and reviews of select business software products and services geared primarily for small online website start up marketing.  We made this decision to expand into these areas for three reasons:

1. To pass along some valuable experience to our readership gained over our 8 years of running and monetizing this site and other websites. Our objective is to provide some products and services to help other small website owners discover ways to offset their server costs by promoting good quality software products to their readers. Our intent is to help readers sort out the scams from the legitimate products of all types based on many years of experience. We will continue to provide free open source information as well as specialized information for our Premium Subscribers in the future.  More information about Premium services later on this month. One additional reason to expand was due to the overwhelmingly positive reaction we have received from hundreds of readers who appreciated the articles written last year to help them uninstall problematic software from their computers.  We will continue to try and provide value in this area of PC software support in the future as well.

2. A recognition that with the economic situation more and more folks are trying to find alternative sources of income from home using the internet yet they might know very much about how to make it happen!  We will provide guidance, information, discounted software from our affiliates, eGuides and eBooks for those of you who might be interested in starting up your own website to produce some additional extra income.

You can always decide what types of article you would like to be automatically notified of by making changes to your subscription eMail notification settings.

3. We will continue to post satirical cartoons and political humor, news, culture and political editorials albeit with more of a Libertarian slant than in the past.  We have developed no special love for either major party, and won’t, at least not until one or the other or both start listening to, and embracing the will of the majority of American people and not their own special interest pocket lining agendas. This especially applies to both the far left and far right radical ideologies.  Partisan politics is becoming evil in this country and it weakens us as a nation! Nuff said on that subject.

ZardozZ News and Reviews will always maintain a FREE readership publication subscription along side a Premium Level membership subscription that will provide users access to special software, immediate free downloads and product discounts of all types a number of DIRECT from the manufacturer at our sister sites at Rockbridge Downloads and Reviews.

We do suggest that you update your profiles with your categories of interest.  If any of our users have the desire to write articles for ZZNR please drop us a line.

— Staff / ZardozZ News