Happy New Year 2013

Welcoming in the  2013 Fiscal Overhang

With less than a few hours remaining in 2012, our so called “leaders” in Washington should still have plenty of time to find the most promising spot to kick on our fiscal garbage can in order to send it way down Pennsylvania Ave and well away from the White House for the next Congress to deal with.  Oh happy days!

World of Warcraft Gold

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When playing world of warcraft you will notice the more quests that you do, the more items & currency you will obtain. During your questing you will obtain various trade skill items that can be sold in stacks & in bulk. There is always a chance that you can receive a Green rare item off of a random mob which can be sold for bigger and better amounts than plain old trade skilling items. There is also even better than Green rare items, you have a chance of obtaining a blue unique as well, which can be sold for huge amounts of gold, used for yourself or even traded for another blue unique which you can use if you cannot use the current one that you have found.~

World of Warcraft in its own, is one of the funnest games out there in the industry, it has one of the highest populations and it is being developed constantly. Designers and veteran programmers have had there hands full with this game, but they have presented one of the best games the game world has ever seen. I’m sure future blizzard games will be even better due to the fact of technology increasing throughout the world. Along with programmers and designers ongoinnon stop work to further increase the knowledge of their job and progress quicker in the gaming industry..

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