Watching the News Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Folks, if there was a way to take real time blood pressure and stress level readings of America while watching the evening news, it would certainly be at an all time high this week.  The vitriol, shouting matches and bulging veins on the heads of our so called “leaders” in Washington have reached an all time high! In fact, it can actually be very unhealthy for viewers to watch for any extended period of time. Watch and see if someone doesn’t file a lawsuit against a network for projecting too much anger on its viewership.  Just kidding but a warning to all…just be careful if you have a heart condition or you are prone to stroke.  Watching more than 30 minutes of CNN or MSNBC or even Fox in any one sitting is likely to negatively impact your vital signs.  Look for blood pressure medication and anti anxiety prescription sales to go through the roof this winter!

What’s really sad about all this projected political anger and hysteria s how awful our country is looking to viewers watching outside of the U.S. Our media is blindly playing right into hands of those foreign powers who seek to discredit American society and its past values and morality. Putin is winning in this game using the U.S. media as a sometimes willing tool. He must be laughing his ass off in fact. The U.S. media is falling right into his trap – aiding the process of ripping ourselves apart as a nation.  We look like the “Dis-United States of America” to the world right now.  Wake up my brothers and sisters of all races, creed and gender. We are Americans first!  The recent behavior on both sides of the political spectrum is disgusting and needs to be dialed back if we are to retain any self respect as a nation!.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ELECTION REDO!   If you are a Democrat your next opportunity is on 2020.  Dems need to stop with the “Hail Mary” passes AFTER time has officially run out in the Super Bowl and the other side is celebrating on the field! The outgoing President (and even the loser Hillary Clinton) can make some REAL history by taking the high road making an effort to openly rally around WORKING WITH REPUBLICANS for the good of AMERICA as a NATION not foster even more division and divisiveness to the detriment of their own party.  WE ARE AMERICANS FIRST ARE WE NOT ??


Is a Trump “America” Party Emerging?

Win or lose, the political landscape will never be the same after this election. Both parties are fractured.  Trump may have set the table for a significant 3rd party emergence in the U.S. pulling from Moderate Democrats and an out of touch Republican party.  An “America Party” neither beholding to Democrats or Republicans?  Given the changing landscape of both fund raising and communication via social media, the possibility is not just fantasy. Democrats are clearly not Democratic and Republicans have lost their way in representing the Republic.  Has Donald J. Trump, win or lose, succeeded in demonstrating the viability of a real 3rd party option, potentially much stronger than any Libertarian, Green, Socialist and “Independent” party ticket going forward? An Americas Party for all Americans?



President Obama Granting Himself Amnesty?

President Obama yesterday signed an executive order to stop deporting children of illegal aliens opening the door for a massive wave of illegal immigration of pregnant women across our southern border in an effort to be given amnesty at some point because their children will have the right to stay in the U.S.  Rather than focus on SECURING OUR BORDERS this President, for clearly political purposes, has decided to thumb his nose at our legislative system. This action is so blatantly political that it has all the earmarks of backfiring on him.  What if the Republican House now puts together a bill based on Mark Rubio’s vision for handling illegal immigration with a provision similar to his executive order… How can the Democratic led Senate reject bringing it to a vote? 

Republicans can turn this into a win for themselves – and with Sen. Marko Rubio (R), as a potential VP running mate, this tactic might just backfire on the President that would be King, Barrack Obama.

Some are wondering if this royal decree might not also apply to himself as many still question if in fact he was actually born in the U.S. Ok…a satirical title and idea? Sure we know, but why not play to the insanity emanating from Washington? It’s this year’s free three ring circus.



President Obama returned Friday to a trusted tactic — satisfying his political allies by not doing something.

Conservatives were angry when Janet Napolitano announced the administration would stop deporting certain undocumented immigrants but they should have seen it coming. On issue after issue – gay rights, drug enforcement, Internet gambling, school achievement standards – the administration has chosen to achieve its goals by a method best described as passive-aggressive…

… As of Friday, the federal government won’t deport undocumented immigrants under age 30 who came to the United States as children. It is a temporary, de facto implementation of a part of the stalled DREAM Act.

The result: a loud message to Hispanic voters to remember Obama in November.

On gay rights, too, the administration has asked agencies to do less. In February 2011 the Justice Department announced it would not defend DOMA against court challenges — an unusual step for the agency, which typically defends legal challenges to laws on the books. But the 1996 law, which bars the government from recognizing same-sex marriage, appears headed to the U.S. Supreme Court via either the 9th or 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

In August, Obama’s DHS announced it would no longer deport the non-citizen spouses of gay Americans — a direct contradiction to DOMA as well.

The tactic has its start in the earliest days of the administration. In October 2009, the DOJ announced it would not prosecute medical marijuana users or suppliers in states where it’s legal, despite the state laws contradicting federal law. Federal law generally trumps state law in such matters.


Germany to Bank Roll Greece ??

Take this to the bank or don’t take this to the bank.  There is no way that the German people will feel good about playing a major roll in supporting the entitlement society of Greece.   Check out this article below.  This could be the swan song for Merkel…   In the short term this plan will probably gain traction. However I predict that in the long run, there will be a serious flash back in local German domestic politics as the folks in Germany are fed up with bailing out countries like Greece that were totally irresponsible with their entitlement centric domestic policies.  A note for caution in the U.S. 

People all over the world are finally getting fed up with bailing out people and countries that have made an art form of sucking off those who have been paying working hard and paying taxes and contributing for years to saving for their own personal future.  Now, more and more central governments want to spread fiscal wealth to those who have sucked off the system rather than risk the loss of votes and civil unrest.  There will be a price to pay…  I say let them fail and force them start over without perpetuating the flawed concepts of domestic entitlements . Just like an individual who needs to declare bankruptcy because of their inability to balance their finances, Greece should follow suit.   This too will pass… German people, like many in the U.S. are fed up with central governments making decisions that bleed their own people dry in support of incompetent and dysfunctional governments.


Germans hate the idea of covering the debts of the big spenders of Southern Europe, but the hottest new idea for sharing Europe’s debt burden comes from … Germany.

Surprising but true: Germany’s opposition parties have gotten Chancellor Angela Merkel to reconsider an idea floated last winter that involves joint European liability for nations’ sovereign debt.

The idea comes from the German Council of Economic Experts, also known as the “wise men.” It’s called the European Redemption Pact (PDF), which sounds a bit religious to the American ear but isn’t intended to be.

Since fresh thinking on the European debt crisis is badly needed, it’s worth taking a look at what the wise men advise. Here’s the plan in a nutshell:

The debt of the 17 countries belonging to the single-currency euro zone is split into two parts. The portion up to 60 percent of each nation’s gross domestic product stays on the books, unchanged.

The portion of nations’ debt exceeding 60 percent of GDP is transferred into something called the European Redemption Fund.

The 17 countries are still liable for the portion of their debt that’s transferred in the fund. They have 20 or 25 years to pay it off.

Legally, however, all 17 nations are jointly liable for the debt placed in the fund. This is a way for low-debt nations such as Germany to backstop high-debt nations like Greece, giving peace of mind to their creditors and lowering interest rates.

To make sure countries pay off their debt in the European Redemption Fund, some of their national tax revenue would be earmarked for repayments. They would also have to commit to fixing national finances to free up money for debt service.

Having gotten the rest of their debt down to 60 percent of GDP, countries wouldn’t be allowed to run it back up. There would be automatic “debt brakes,” as Germany and Switzerland already have.

The responsibility of Germany and other creditor nations is strictly limited to the amount of money that’s put into the redemption fund. That makes this plan different from “euro bonds,” which some countries are pushing. Euro bonds would be new bonds for which all the euro zone countries would be jointly liable. There would be no cap on the size of borrowing via euro bonds.

Volker Kauder, the floor leader of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, told reporters that the opposition agreed with the government that euro bonds “are not up for discussion.” He said the two sides will “exchange studies” on the debt-sharing proposal.

Befitting a plan originating in Germany, the proposal is not exactly generous. It’s hard to imagine how a country like Greece could immediately begin repaying the European Redemption Fund while keeping the debt remaining on its books at a mere 60 percent of GDP.

But at least it’s something. Establishing the principle of joint liability for debt could open the door to a more forgiving (read: realistic) plan in the future.

There’s a nice touch of human understanding in the wise men’s explanation of their own plan, stressing the twin requirements of “solidarity” and “accountability”:

“Proponents of solidarity are stunned that their Eurozone peers let them stand in the rain, even at the risk of their own peril, while proponents of accountability maintain that they have been disappointed by empty promises once too often. In order to de-escalate the situation a mechanism is needed that allows for combining these two principles.”

Correct. Now it’s just a matter of getting the solidarity/accountability ratio right.

Read more… Bloomberg News.

Book Review: Managing by Process – A Silicon Valley Retrospective

Book Review: Management By Process

Ever wonder what it was like working and managing at a leading edge high tech firms during the rise of the Silicon Valley in the 80s and 90s?  Ever wonder what’s changed and why?  If you are interested in the history of Silicon Valley, and the management theories and philosophies (both good and bad) that sprang from the very heart and soul of the information technology revolution, then you will like Managing By Process: A Silicon Valley Retrospective.  It provides some very interesting insights written in an unusually stealthy essay by an insider, Scott Adams with over 30 years of business management experience at not one but two of the top Fortune 100 companies in Silicon Valley. Its instructive, informative and also pointedly sarcastic and critical of the management style that sprang from Silicon Valley during the past two decades. If you are a new manager or even a seasoned manager — whether you work for a large company or a small one — we recommend you take a look There is a free sample  link here for Kindle readers and also at the bottom of the review article.


Reprinted with permission from BlogCritics:

Article first published as Book Review: Managing by Process: A Silicon Valley Retrospective by Scott Adams on Blogcritics.

Managing by Process: A Silicon Valley Retrospective, written by Scott Adams, a senior manager at two top Fortune 100 companies located in the hot-bed of the 1990s Silicon Valley technology explosion, provides an interesting and sometimes humorous retrospective on the changes in culture that took place in the heart of Silicon Valley over the past three decades. With over 30 years of experience managing in this once unique culture, Mr. Adams successfully traces back the evolution of the once employee-centric business culture which dominated the Silicon Valley corporate environment into a culture that  now remains only in a handful of firms in the surrounding Bay Area.  Why the change? Adams takes you on both an informative and entertaining journey to answer this very question… and provide some insight and lessons for managers seeking to change culture within their organizations today.

The reader is transported back 30 years to a healthier time where a set of five key employee-centric business process principles reigned supreme. These were the hallmark principles at several leading edge Silicon Valley firms during the dawn of the digital information revolution. The author traces the changes and factors which led up to the erosion of these very same principles over the course of the last two decades. Adams offers both seasoned and novice managers alike several worthwhile insights on the value of learning from the mistakes of the past in order to lay a solid foundation for the future.

Managing by Process is cleverly written and interlaced with a number of true stories and humorous anecdotes which illustrate the pros and cons of the paradoxical management theories and fads spawned in Silicon Valley during past several decades: MBO (Management by Objective), Team and Individual “Self Appraisals,” complex performance evaluations, ISO 9000 hysteria, Hoshin and other overly convoluted planning practices. The rise of outsourcing, “leadership training,” Six Sigma, TQM and the questionable liberal use of new age MBA consultants who at times redirected the course of major multinational organizations based solely on “theory” with little or no real world business management experience are just a few phenomena examined!

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