Golf Green Finder For Your Phone


Sorry Folks!  As of Jan 2012 Greenfinder was bought out by GolfLogix!   Another small business bites the dust!!


Ok… We don’t normally write reviews like this, and no it’s not satire.  Since its spring, and I have to believe we have some golfers in our readership, I could not resist passing this along.  If you are not a golfer… sorry.. just nuke this post and I beg your humble forgiveness.

I thought you might be interested in turning your “smartphone” into a GPS Golf Rangefinder if you haven’t already purchased a standalone  GPS range finder. I have been using this Greenfinder service now for about 2-3 years and today they sent me a notice to help promote their product.  Sure there is something in it for me… they give me an extra month on my subscription but I figured, what the heck, maybe someone out there who golfs might want to try this and also save themselves several hundred dollars on yet one more electronic device that you have to carry around with you on the golf course and keep charged up! These guys use your existing BlackBerry, iPhone 3G, Droid, Palm Pre and download a great GPS service for golfers to it to use on the course. If you have any of these cell phones this is really worth checking out, a whole lot less expensive than mainstream products, and damn accurate for the amateur golfer!!

It shows you the distance to the greens and hazards on the golf course and much more. They have a free trial. The company that provides this service started it a few years ago and the big guys are catching on so they need to do some promotion.  Golf Logix, Sky Caddie and others can out spend them in advertising and charge you more for virtually the same functionality!

It’s only $35/year after a free trial, but with the code below you can save $5 off their purchase price. The free trial period sold me on it after using it in real time! The details about downloads, courses and all that extra stuff is on their website.

Just enter the following code into the promo-code field on their purchase page  for the discount and share the code with your friends:


Go here to get more information and a 5 round free trial and make sure to use your Promo Code above for a discount:

If you play golf, have one of the above cell phones,  and have not already invested a few hundred on a GPS range finder you should check this out… at least the free trial anyway!!    Spread the word and the code !

Scott Ott: Takes Aim at Obamanism in the U.S.A

Author, speaker and Washington Examiner columnist Scott Ott had this to say about Obama’s track record so far. He is a candidate for County Executive in Eastern PA. It will be interesting following that campaign over the next year. Scott is also contributing author of The New Media Frontier, is a writer, public speaker and creator of the world’s leading family-friendly news satire source, His columns at are not satirical.

EXCERPT FROM PRES. OBAMA SPEECH: Critics “say we are trying to do too much, that we are moving too quickly, and that we all ought to just take a deep breath and scale back our goals,” he said. “These naysayers have short memories. We did not get here by doing what was easy. That is not how a cluster of 13 colonies became the United States of America.”  — Obama Says American ‘Spirit’ Can Confront, Resolve Challenges, Bloomberg News.

Mr. President, critics don’t say that. Your supporter Colin Powell says that.

Critics say, not that you’re doing “too much”, but that you’re doing the wrong things. Critics say that you’re …
—  interfering in free markets in a way that jeopardizes shareholder value, usurps individual rights and compromises the structural integrity of capitalism.

Critics say that you’re …
— spending money we don’t have in amounts we can never repay, thereby
— devaluing the currency and setting up a swirling downward vortex from which there is no known economic model for escape.

Critics say that you’re …
— pushing a government-run, taxpayer-funded, single-payer health insurance program under the guise of merely offering a public option (another scheme for which there is no known successful analog).

Critics say that you’re …
— devastating the petroleum-based economy that has fostered the most prosperous nation in history,
— ignoring atomic energy despite its limitless capacity to offer clean power, and
— forcing taxpayers to gamble on so-called ‘green’ technologies which, despite years of research and billions of dollars of investment, still consume more energy than they generate.

Critics say that you’re …
—  compromising our national security by snuggling up to evil people who are committed to our destruction, and
—  apologizing for our history each time you step onto a foreign shore.

Critics say that you’re …
— blaming all negatives on your predecessor while claiming credit for positives that have yet to happen, and
— slamming anyone who disagrees with you as a narrow-minded naysayer with a short memory.

Finally, Mr. President, the 13 colonies did not become free and independent states by confiscating wealth from the productive sector of society and doling it out to the unproductive sector in a way that guarantees the perpetual enslavement of both.

This new nation, conceived in liberty, was brought forth by people who said ‘Enough’ to a tyrant who capriciously ruled from afar — people who were willing to risk their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor that succeeding generations might live the freedom they bought with blood.

Mr. President when you compare your socialized insurance program, your speculative wealth confiscation program or your Niagara Falls of spending with the endeavors of those bold patriots, you trivialize their sacrifice while you crown yourself with the Styrofoam diadem of a clown. — [Hat Tip: Townhall.Com]

Author, speaker, and Washington Examiner columnist Scott Ott, is candidate for Lehigh County Executive in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Harry Potter Conjures Up Pottermania

LONDON (Reuters) – Boy wizard Harry Potter is back in cinemas later this month with the sixth installment of the movie franchise, and another box office bonanza looks assured for the Warner Bros. studio.

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” hits screens on July 15, promising high-speed action, dark and dangerous battles with the forces of evil, budding romance at Hogwarts school for wizards and the expected death of a prominent character.

The wait has been a long one for Potter fans around the world who have followed the fate of Harry and his friends through the seven best-selling books by British author J.K. Rowling.

Warner Bros. pushed the release date of Half-Blood Prince back from 2008, leaving a two-year gap since the fifth movie “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” and the final novel “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.

The release of Potter books and films are major events for the entertainment industry, both because of the passion fans share for the stories, dubbed “Pottermania” in the media, and the amount of money they generate.

The seven Harry Potter books, which began in 1997, have sold more than 400 million copies worldwide and turned Rowling into a multi-millionaire publishing phenomenon… [so says Reuters]