Free Website Builder: Web Site Creator Review

Looking for a fast and easy way to get a website of your own? We found one of the fastest and cheapest ways to create a website with your own unique domain name ( http:|| ) is the Website Creator Lite package which is free offered over at Rockbridge Hosting.  While there is no real substitute for a professionally designed website, what’s nice about this package is that you can get a free do it yourself website when you purchase a domain name.  Domain names can be as low as $10 a year. There are links that let you find out which names are available on the internet so you can customize the domain name to meet your needs or reflect your business or hobby. We found this approach to be a very easy way for folks who are not trained in website design to set up their own website quickly and easily. What we like about this approach is that the hosting vendors often offer discounts on a more professionally designed website if you host your domain name with them. For instance the company Rockbridge Designs who is affiliated with Rockbridge Hosting offers discounts for upgrading from free websites to customer wordpress websites. We chose to review them since our website is hosted on their servers.

For instance you can create your own free web site in three simple steps! Rockbridge Hosting has now set up a step-by-step web site creation wizard which helps you build a professional looking website without any experience. Select your design, customize it with your content and images, and then publish it to show the world! Domain name registration is all it takes to get started and you can also choose other premium packages with more added features.

If you are interested in a low cost way of setting up a website, give this a try…

You can even try it free in their DEMO

The following is an excerpt from their website:

Why should you try Web Site Creator?

The Web Site Creator solution is a cost effective and easy-to-use web site template wizard with powerful customization capabilities. It’s a perfect way for anyone, regardless of their computer skills to get online. We even host the site for you.

  • Affordable for every website purpose – from informative to eCommerce
  • Anyone can easily create their very own website – and it looks like a pro made it!
  • Even the most novice user can get started right away
  • Customize your new site by selecting a template and modifying its content

By the way… use the PROMO CODE:  ZARDOZZ if you are interested in a new custom designed WordPress website and Rockbridge Designs will give you a 20% discount on either a Gold or Silver WordPress package with this promo code the provided us to pass along to our readers.  Check out what the folks over at Rockbridge Designs have to offer small businesses, contractors and yes bloggers too.

iPad eBooks : Unlimited eBooks for the iPad

Here is a great site for obtaining unlimited ebooks for your new iPad !!

Unlimited eBooks for the iPad

iPad eBooks

  • Access to the fastest iPad downloads on the net!
  • Members have unlimited access, no restrictions
  • Unlimited free Novels, Comics, Newspapers & more!
  • Free 24 hour Technical Support
  • No monthly or “Pay Per Download” fees
  • Huge Media Selection – over 30,000+ titles available!

New Squeeze Page Plugin Released for WordPress

It’s now easier than ever to build high-converting squeeze pages using WordPress… Use a powerful drag-and-drop interface to create a customizable squeeze page with any WordPress theme. You have nothing to lose with a 30-day money back guarantee.

To find out more visit Squeeze Theme website.

New Comprehensive iProfit eBook Packages

Tired of the BS and Hype?  Ready for a REAL resale rights package actually worth something…

Finally ONE multi-package that contains all of most popular eBook distribution collections which pass through FULL LEGAL MASTER RESELLER RIGHTS.

For our readers who are interested in On Line Marketing, reselling the works of authors who pass through their copyright licenses to bloggers is one of the easiest ways to get started reselling products on the internet.  These authors are all looking for reader exposure and circulation.

The Complete Resale Rights Collection -Start Making Real Money Online – Immediately!

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Complete Resale Rights Collection - Ebooks, Software, Info Products

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Start your own resale rights business, or expand your existing site with these huge resale rights packages!  Now for a small one time investment, you will have access to a Virtual Treasure Trove of Cash Pulling Profit Centers.

This is your Instant Website Solution to making real money on the internet.  Most of these packages have ready made sales letters allowing you to set up a working website in minutes, and the master resale rights gives you a ready made sellable product without storing any inventory.

Reselling Ebooks, Software, and other Information is quite possibly the perfect home based business in existence today!

Sell Them Individually or as a Huge Package!

These packages contain separate resale rights  loaded with the latest and greatest internet marketing secrets available.  Some packages you may have never seen before.  This is perfect for your resale rights business, allowing you the first on the market with these exciting products!

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Review: SEO LinkVine Website Content Syndication

New Website Content Publishing  System For Bloggers

For many website publishers, finding good authors who can deliver focused content ( and for free ) has been more than a challenge. There is however a new solution being pioneered by SEO LinkVine. If you have a WordPress, Joompla, Drupal or any website that has XML-RPC enabled ( this is a requirement) now you have a way to network with an entire community of content publishers to generate new and fresh content on your website or blog. They are only allowed to embed up to 3 links and you have the ability to reject any article before you publish it on your site!

SEO LinkVine is a new unique free portal system that connects and matches authors with website owners seeking fresh content. Webmasters control the content that is posted on their sites based on website category matching. They have a free version for website owners that is easy to use but only if you have a WordPress, Joomla or Drupal based site or as we said any website that uses the XML-RPC publishing protocol !  You might want to convert your website to WordPress ?

Spinning Content Posts

This is a technique that allows authors to submit articles in a variety of formats to increase Google page rank for the website or blog.  Unlike most all other article marketing networks that allow article submissions with spin tag variations, SEOLinkVine’s editor supports multiple formats. So if you’re currently also submitting your articles to another network, or using a different article spinner software, most likely SEOLinkVine will accommodate that format.

How To Better Monetize Your Blog or Website

Can You Really Put Your Blog or Website On a Resale Autopilot ?

Do you want to find a way to earn a full or part time income while working from home? Or maybe you just want to make some extra money to add to your current income. In either case you’ve come to the right place! The present state of the economy has cut into raises and worse so an extra side source of cash has a great deal of value for many readers.

A side online income that runs on autopilot can really help add to your present income but proportionate to how much effort and desire you are willing to put into it. We make this start up process easier for folks that just don’t have the internet savvy to get started the right way! Sure we also make money from our programs but so do you as a reseller. We depend on online marketers like yourself who are looking for tangible digital download products with master resale rights to legally resell without violating copyrights and earn a profit!! The key is to keep your costs down by promoting and reselling knowledge content online without having to carry an inventory of physical goods, products or services yourself.

We have compiled a number of excellent links to websites and articles, and even found some free downloads for you, that will help you decide on the most efficient approach with the lowest rock bottom start up costs to help you generate incremental income from your current website or blog…

Here are just a few free links and sources that can help you get started…

Free Download eBooks ( Cost: $0 ):

Passive Income Online Marketing  + Online Business Website Creator for Newbies (This has actual HTML sample templates and information on how to create those slick looking sales pages called “squeeze pages” that you often see on the internet.)

Free Affiliate Reseller Programs (Cost: $0)

Here  is one of the easiest ways to earn extra money from your website by promoting the products and services of reputable small business startups. These are companies that depend on exposure from social networks and testimonials to grow their business online.  They don’t have the money that a Microsoft, Apple or HP might have to market a new software product for instance so they depend on the “viral” nature of the internet to get the word out about their products.  The key your you is to pick RELIABLE AFFILIATES with good products and services that provide value to your visitors.

Rockbridge Website Designs for Contractors as an example offers $50 for any customer lead sent to their site with a promo code (that they provide you) who places an order for one of their WordPress Websites that’s specially designed for contractors. You’ll notice that this is a very tight consumer niche. That benefits you because you can then focus your promotional articles on sites where contractors hang out. A little work on Google and you will easily find forums and directories. Their reseller page also has a link to a number of FREE directories that we won’t list here but you can search on them to find even more products and services that you might want to promote.

In later posts we will cover:

  • Low Cost Website Hosting – Free Website Creator
  • How Do I Get Paid –  PayPal To The Rescue !
  • Setting Up Your Own REAL Business as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)
  • Email Marketing With Courtesy and Respect for your potential customers!!
  • Autoresponders – The Right Way and the Wrong Way

To be continued….