HealthCare.Gov Down While Sebilius is Testifying

While Sec. Sebilius was in the process of testifying before congress the infamous gateway into the world of healthcare panacea was down.

How embarrassing!!!   This was put in front of her while she was testifying at 11:56 EDT Oct 30th in Congress!!

This is the same message you will receive at some point while trying to find the most basic information:

THREE YEARS TO MAKE A WEBSITE and we get a trainwreck !   THIS DOES NOT INSTILL CONFIDENCE in Washington controlled programs that are to now affect how we receive healthcare.  All in the name of redistribution of wealth on the not so subtle Democratic Socialist Agenda.

10-30-2013 11-55-41 AM


TO MY LIBERTARIAN FRIENDS !!!!     Is there any more blatent example of why BIG GOVERNMENT is not a solution to our domestic needs!  She was questioned this morning as to whether or not she had a back up plan IF IN FACT not enough healthy young people sign up for a plan that they don’t feel they need.   She had no answer… except to say they would be “encouraged ” to sign up.    ENCOURAGED TO SIGN UP…? What does that mean?  How will that encouragement be implemented?  Higher penalties?   Criminal action?  Will we now need a new Depart of of Health Care Enforcement to be created by Big Brother?  Moderate Democrats that drank the cool aid still have time to come to their senses and vote out these leftist ideologues from the Senate and House.

Finally — Any pretense that the individual will have choice is bogus.  This situation comes from the party that expounds to be PRO CHOICE.  What hypocrisy.  Not only is this program a TAX but its a tax of the most insidious kind.  It sets the stage for the rationalization of MASSIVE government regulation over individual liberty.  Everything we eat, drink and even do will look to be controlled!!!    All in the name of reducing health care costs…..  Read 1984 and Brave New World…. its unfolding before your eyes Democrats and YOU are enabling it!   INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS WILL MOST CERTAINLY BE SOUGHT TO BE CONTROLLED MORE AND MORE BY THE NANNY STATE!    The Affordable Care Act has in fact set this ugly future in motion as it suits the Socialist agenda perfectly!   Moderate Democrats have a chance to wake up and align with Moderate Republicans under a LIBERTARIAN banner.  Our personal freedoms are at stake…

Startling New Poll Results On Syria

In the latest polling regarding the use of military retaliation by the U.S. unilaterally against Syria for chemical weapons use:  The vast majority of Americas see the conflict there as a NO WIN situation, and while terrible to witness, like all civil wars, we should stay out of it and stop being the world’s self appointed policeman on this mostly US internal political issue thanks to the President’sability to paint himself into a political corner at home. The vast majority of Americans feel that while the use of chemical weapons, or any WMD, is horrific and immoral in any form, U.S. intervention alone without the full international support and the support of Russia especially is only more likely to make the instability in the Middle East.  Russia is Syria’s ally.  Russia needs to be held accountable for controlling the regime in Damascus NOT the U.S.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend is an old saying on the battle field going back to the Art of War by Sun Zhu. There are many others examples in the Middle East where we should supporting the lesser of two evils while working diplomatically to turn the lesser evil into a better world citizen.  The world deplores internal civil wars and the killing of innocent people REGARDLESS of the type of weapons used to do the killing.  If the Syrian Air Force had carpet bombed that town killing even more, wiping it out, would the world applaud?  Is it ok to slaughter 10,000 or by conventional weapons?   Should we intervene in every civil war that breaks out in the world?  In fact the U.S. should find common ground with Russia and China to give THEM cover to intervene!  The U.S. needs to keep out of this unless U.S. security or harm to its people is directly threatened –  for example if WMD were about to fall in the hands of radical Islamic extremists sworn to use it against the U.S. and its allies.  Its hard to see how this is accomplished by a politically motivated cruise missile strike against targets that are now already hardened or contain hundreds of “human shields” just of the “principle of it”  weeks and weeks after the event occurred.  This detached “punitive action” which should come from the parent (Russia / China) and not an stranger can only end badly.  Think about it…   Who should be responsible for punishing the actions of Syria against its own people?  Russia or the U.S.?  Its not our child.

Once again the ideology of this President that the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government knows what’s good for everyone, both internally and externally of its borders, has to come to a stop.  Libertarians in the U.S. need to raise their voices more loudly and the Republican Party needs to embrace more strongly LIBERTARIAN PRINCIPLES.



Syria Intervention Poll


Gas weapons in the hands of radical Islamic extremists is a far greater threat to the security of the U.S. and other nations, Russia included,  than those same weapons in the hands of the Syrian military.  Iraq is a case in point.  At least the former dictator did not tolerate Islamic extremism and fought tooth and nail against our greatest threat to world peace and instability. Iran.  We have that specter now in Egypt and Libya and even possibly Iraq not to mention Afghanistan.  The internal factional conflicts within Islam historically between Sunni and Shia and other historical divisions between the peoples in the Middle East is not our responsibility to solve through our prism of the world. As I recall, even in WWII we did not go it alone!  This is also NOT a police action where American lives or assets were being threatened.

Strikes like the one contemplated to somehow “punish” Asad because of an imaginary “Red Line” will only make the region more insecure with potentially the loss of many more lives. we are playing right into the hands of Iran who is just waiting for an excuse to kill Jews.  This action could well be the match that lights that explosive tinder box.  Why?  Because of the ego of one man in the White House?  Again… it should be Russia and China’s responsibility to reign in the Assad regime and sanction them for using WMD via the U.N. or themselves unilaterally.   Not the U.S.   We have no history and understanding of what is really going on there.  It will only cause an escalation of conflict as the Isrealis fully understand and they themselves intend to capitalize on for self preservation.

Did the U.S. “Screw the Pooch” in Egypt?

With the U.S. administration once again demonstrating how it remains impeccable at mis-reading the politics in the Middle East, it finds itself now in a sever dilemma.  Which side to support  in the current crisis it helped create?

Mubarick’s release signals a shift back to strong central secular government principles that hopefully will keep a lid on all culturally destabilizing forces like the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamic extremist groups within the Egyptian borders.  It should be of no surprise to anyone that while it is unlikey that Mubarik himself will not regain the Presidency, it is very likely his supporters will prevail.  This leaves the U.S. once again in the position of aligning itself with the wrong players with respect to improving stabilization efforts in the Middle East.  How can we be trusted by our long standing partners??  Are we either intentionally or unintentionally facilitating the destabilization of the cultures within countries that we claim to have been supporters of a tolerant Middle East? American voters are beginning to ask themselves that question.  What world cultural future state are we really aligned with ?  The enemy of my enemies is my friend is not such a bad philosophy in a savage world of terrorism hell bent on oppressive domination of  a theorcratic intolerant ideology.

The Obama Administration, clearly must be regretting the part it played in creating the mess the world is witnessing. The White House has been played like a fiddle in the “Arab Spring” movement across the globe.  Is it really possible that this administration did not learn from the “elections” held in Gaza where Hamas was elected “democratically” in the vacuum created there when Abbas left.  The White House and State Department I feel certain were warned by countries like Jordan and Saudi Arabia that the vacuum being created in Cairo  mwould be filled by Islamist radicals and clearly that is what has happened.

We need to once and for all learn to stay out of Middle Eastern politics and allow the more secular Middle Eastern nations intervene and step up to protect global stability.  The best thing that John Kerry can do now is to denounce the Egyptian violence while at the same time assisting the military behind the scenes to regain control.  How much damage has been done abroad by this administration related to real religious  and personal freedoms remains to be seen. Witness the persecution of Coptic Christians by the “Movement” we backed!  1960s and 70s Democtrate hippies now in power in Washington need to understand not every movement by the “people” represents social “progress”.

Its time for a LIBERTARIAN viewpoint to emerge in American politics.  We need to learn how to better protect ourselves and stop picking sides in political struggles  overseas we don’t understand.  — Editor

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Windows 8 Touch Screen Wonder

Microsoft Windows 8 —  To Upgrade or Not ?

An upgrade to Windows 8 is not compelling, say analysts

An upgrade to Windows 8 is not compelling, say analysts
Designed for touch, it requires a great touchscreen or a touch pad
Priyanka Joshi / New Delhi Aug 13, 2012, 01:13 IST

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8, has reached the release to manufacturing (RTM) stage. In simple words, the company has finalised the code along with the features going into the final version of Windows 8. Partners like phone or tablet PC vendors to original equipment manufacturers can now start using the platform to launch their products for the Windows 8 worldwide launch on October 26. But analysts believe domestic consumers and enterprises aren’t exactly pining for Windows 8.

Personal computer (both notebook and desktop) sales are expected to grow eight per cent in 2012, according to CyberMedia Research data. And analysts argue it would be driven by Windows 7. Sumanta Mukherjee, lead analyst at CyberMedia Research (Infotech practice), says: “Windows 8 is designed for touch which means you need either a great touchscreen or a great touch pad. We don’t anticipate the new OS (operating system) to be a compelling upgrade to Windows 7.”  Read More…