Top 10 Best Online Business Startup Programs

Review: Top 10 Best Online Home Business Startup Programs

We decided to provide our readers a comparison review of what we consider to be the best top 10 online home business start up programs we have researched on the internet.  Each program has its own special approach.  Since we believe in choice, we thought it would be useful to gather them all in one chart so you can pick through them. Some of our readers said they were interested in more information on how to start up an online business at home. Some said they just wanted to generate some added income in their PayPal account by monetizing their Facebook, blog or website.

So here’s the scoop!

Most of  the websites around this topic contain embedded videos that are in some cases a bit annoying. We selected the better ones that were actually worth listening to.  One of the more interesting approaches used, outside of using “squeeze pages” to promote their programs, is that there is in fact a market in even selling the actual page templates you see on some of these sites to bloggers who don’t have the time nor desire to create them themselves!  All of the top 10 best online business start up programs we included here usually involve reselling something that can be downloaded on the internet; but there are actually some that take a real twist. Like one online business that pays you for doing surveys on line!

By the way… yes…  I know there are actually 11 websites listed.  The last one, 10 Adsense Secrets, we could not resist adding when we were deciding on the best 10.  The information is actually very useful helping you learn how to use adsense properly and their eBook was dirt cheap.  Even if you are not interested in setting up a formal professional eCommerce website it was still useful for the non professional. They can even be applied to optimize Facebook sites.   Almost all of these sites have trialware and free informational guides if you don’t mind signing up to their mailing list. You can always take yourself off later if you think they are sending you too many promotional emails but you at least do get a chance to obtain a sample of what information and services they are providing.

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Review: Icon Restore Software

Have you ever been frustrated when your software icons get screwed up on your desktop from changing screen resolutions and you have to try to remember what order you like them in? This is especially common on laptops when you switch from a display to your laptop screen.

Now there is a free application that remembers where your desktop icons are on your desktop and restores them with one click! You can find it at Rockbridge Downloads in their freeware area. Its a very small program to download that works great. It remembers a snapshot of your icon location and automatically reshuffles the icons so they move back to the places you are used to finding them.

It is a free download for Windows based PCs simply register on the Rockbridge website and you can download it for free.

How To Completely Remove and Uninstall All Traces of iTunes

How To Uninstall iTunes – Updated for 2018!

Uninstall iTunes and Remove All Traces of it – so it can be either properly reinstalled or completely removed from your computer…



Have you been going crazy trying to completely uninstall iTunes from your PC?


How To Uninstall iTunesScenario: Your latest download of iTunes got corrupted on your system somehow, or was interrupted during installation. Doesn’t matter how. It happened to me. I realized I had to uninstall itunes and then reinstall it. So I thought I would just download the latest version first and try reloading it. No dice. Then I thought ok, I would first remove it using the ADD/REMOVE feature in the control panel and try again. Not so simple.  Lo and behold I could not uninstall iTunes from either the Programs list in the Control Panel or Admin area! Reloading itunessetup.exe gave me errors. It would not even start! In my ensuing hours of Google research, I found a number of posts from folks with just this very same problem: How to uninstall iTunes ?

So let me share with you some answers, tips and tools that I found from all the forums I researched. When used properly, they will help you solve this problem and keep you from going completely nuts!

First – Here is your basic overall objective:

1. Before you can begin to reinstall iTunes you must first uninstall iTunes properly. To do that you must remove all tracesof the following applications listed; including all “left over” files and certain registry keys inside your registry. Yep… that scary place on your PC !! :

2. First try removing each of the programs below with their own “uninstallers” or by using the ADD/REMOVE application located in your Control Panel. Start –> Control Panel –> Add/Remove Programs. Try removing them in the order you see them listed below. If you are lucky you will be able to remove all of them by just using your ADD/REMOVE program and uninstall iTunes completely:

  • iTunes Software
  • Quicktime
  • Apple Software Update
  • Apple Mobile Support
  • Bonjour (especially Bonjour, the most problematic and most difficult component to remove properly! )
  • Apple Application Support (iTunes 9 or later)
  • iPhone (if you have it loaded)
  • and anything else related to iTunes — that’s the tough part where you need to be very careful

3. After this, its very important to check that certain registry keys have been removed. Some of the programs above can leave behind registry keys that make the rest of the process difficult to finish.  You can do that by hand (if you know what you are doing!) or take the safe route and run a top regarded Registry Cleaner like RegCure to clean up left behind registry keys!    You do this AFTER installing all of the above software.  This step is especially important. If you don’t, the left over registry keys will cause iTunes main program to think you still have parts of the original installation installed and you will not be able to install a new copy!  So if you don’t do anything else, clean up the registry with regcure or a program like it.

If you are fortunate the above process will uninstall iTunes and you will be all set!

If not, all is not lost. Fortunately there is an automated approach with less risk for the less technical among us:


There is an excellent iTunes eManual Removal Guide with Software  which includes specialized uninstaller software with full step by step instructions on how to use it to completely uninstall iTunes and all the associated “helper” programs above.  We found it on line with bundled software included with instructions. It was written for the lay person to help you to REMOVE ALL TRACES of iTunes from your computer without your needing a computer science degree.  It includes step by step screenshots on how to use the uninstaller software included in the download specifically to uninstall iTunes. You can obtain it from the links below or search Google for it.  It can keep you from spending hours of going nuts trying to fix this – especially if you are not comfortable editing and cleaning the registry! The developers included both detailed instructions and the necessary software which performs the registry changes and registry clean up automatically! One caution.  Just make sure to follow all of the instructions carefully STEP by STEP and be sure to read all the instructions carefully first.  (The company’s data shows it works for > 95% of users unless they have other pre-existing serious problems with their PC registry. Like viruses, malware and the like).  So run some good anti-virus and anti-malware software first. Or just go for it!   If you have trouble then go back and run anti-malware and try again.  They offer no guarantees because you could have other computer problems, but it did work perfectly for us and judging by the feedback on their site, it worked perfectly for the vast majority of people who have used it who needed to uninstall itunes properly.  Worth the small cost to try it. There are a few different sources where you can get it unless you want to make all the deletions and registry edits yourself manually:

Check for the latest versions at the download sites below:



Amazon: There is also an iPad / Kindle version (text only with download link) over at Amazon as well: ( B003VD1IRM )


Original article posted in ZardozZ News and Reviews by Scotty777

Note: The eGuide download package at the above links includes software that does a full registry cleanup automatically and is included as part of the download package. This helps reduce mistakes doing manual registry edits but be sure to read and follow the instructions!  Don’t try to wing it!

Best iTunes Alternative : Some of you have asked us if we knew of a good alternative to iTunes.  One excellent alternative we discovered is MediaMonkeyWe use it and love it. The developers have a free version and their software will allow you to sync, organize, upload and download music files between your PC and all your smart mobile devices!  It’s really worth checking out if you are frustrated with iTunes. Especially if you don’t want, to shop in the iTunes store. Media Monkey is an excellent alternative to iTunes. The free version is definitely worth trying out.