Using iPhone iPad With Microsoft MS Word

Improved Mobile Computing between Apple iPad iPhone and Microsoft Software

drop-google-cloudSo you received a new iPad or iPhone as a gift.  You’ve spent a good portion of your time playing with it, loading up all sorts of wonderful aps from the Apple App Store, and guess what, you really love it!. You might even have taught yourself how to sync all your devices using iCloud! Life is good… right?  Well so you thought, at least until you tried to figure out how to use some of your most important Microsoft Office applications while traveling.

You painfully discover that if you need to use Microsoft MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint or any of the MS Office suite back at the office, you’re are going to have a big problem using your new iPad mini, iPad Retina or iPhone5 to produce work using Windows based applications. In fact now you might also be thinking I sure wish this gift was a Microsoft Surface tablet instead!  Well now, that’s water under bridge. After all, you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth do you?  So then just what IS the best approach and strategy to use your new iPad and iPhone on the road and still get the work done you need on the Microsoft Office Suite?

Solving this cross application platform problem is not as simple as downloading a free app or even a single paid for app for that matter.  More that likely you probably already discovered that sad fact!  Trust us, we have tried almost every editor and application out there.  None provide a one stop solution. At most you may be able to READ a file but not edit it. However we did some research and in doing so discovered and tested a clever way of using a few strategic apps together, most of them free, alongside a powerful PC utility coupled with free cloud based resources (no, not iCloud). If you set these up correctly the combination of these small applications provided below will allow you to work “on the go” across both your Apple Devices AND your PC based desktop / laptop seamlessly and without spending a whole lot of extra money!

This review will help answer these questions:

1. How can I use a free PC based cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive to share files across devices? (Between Apple and Windows PC computers)

2. How do I edit and save a file in MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel on-the-go with my Apple Device and still be able to edit that same file on my PC when I get to the home or office?

3. How to edit work in Microsoft Word .docx .ppt or .xls file using and iPad so that it can still be edited on a PC?

4. How to backup files on your Apple Devices and synchronize them with your PC Desktop so that the files are always CURRENT across all of your iPhone, iPad and also PC Windows based computers?



Book Review: Managing by Process – A Silicon Valley Retrospective

Book Review: Management By Process

Ever wonder what it was like working and managing at a leading edge high tech firms during the rise of the Silicon Valley in the 80s and 90s?  Ever wonder what’s changed and why?  If you are interested in the history of Silicon Valley, and the management theories and philosophies (both good and bad) that sprang from the very heart and soul of the information technology revolution, then you will like Managing By Process: A Silicon Valley Retrospective.  It provides some very interesting insights written in an unusually stealthy essay by an insider, Scott Adams with over 30 years of business management experience at not one but two of the top Fortune 100 companies in Silicon Valley. Its instructive, informative and also pointedly sarcastic and critical of the management style that sprang from Silicon Valley during the past two decades. If you are a new manager or even a seasoned manager — whether you work for a large company or a small one — we recommend you take a look There is a free sample  link here for Kindle readers and also at the bottom of the review article.


Reprinted with permission from BlogCritics:

Article first published as Book Review: Managing by Process: A Silicon Valley Retrospective by Scott Adams on Blogcritics.

Managing by Process: A Silicon Valley Retrospective, written by Scott Adams, a senior manager at two top Fortune 100 companies located in the hot-bed of the 1990s Silicon Valley technology explosion, provides an interesting and sometimes humorous retrospective on the changes in culture that took place in the heart of Silicon Valley over the past three decades. With over 30 years of experience managing in this once unique culture, Mr. Adams successfully traces back the evolution of the once employee-centric business culture which dominated the Silicon Valley corporate environment into a culture that  now remains only in a handful of firms in the surrounding Bay Area.  Why the change? Adams takes you on both an informative and entertaining journey to answer this very question… and provide some insight and lessons for managers seeking to change culture within their organizations today.

The reader is transported back 30 years to a healthier time where a set of five key employee-centric business process principles reigned supreme. These were the hallmark principles at several leading edge Silicon Valley firms during the dawn of the digital information revolution. The author traces the changes and factors which led up to the erosion of these very same principles over the course of the last two decades. Adams offers both seasoned and novice managers alike several worthwhile insights on the value of learning from the mistakes of the past in order to lay a solid foundation for the future.

Managing by Process is cleverly written and interlaced with a number of true stories and humorous anecdotes which illustrate the pros and cons of the paradoxical management theories and fads spawned in Silicon Valley during past several decades: MBO (Management by Objective), Team and Individual “Self Appraisals,” complex performance evaluations, ISO 9000 hysteria, Hoshin and other overly convoluted planning practices. The rise of outsourcing, “leadership training,” Six Sigma, TQM and the questionable liberal use of new age MBA consultants who at times redirected the course of major multinational organizations based solely on “theory” with little or no real world business management experience are just a few phenomena examined!

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Best Registry Cleaner Review

Registry Cleaner Reviews – Registry Repair Made Easy!

The best registry cleaner software programs are designed specifically to speed up your PC and stop error messages. They do this by scanning the Windows registry and removing broken or obsolete registry entries.

This article is aimed at providing you information in a registry cleaner review so that you can make an informed decision when deciding on which registry repair tool tol use.

The registry is an important part of your PC, and you should only use the best products when dealing with it. (Failure to follow directions by removing registry keys without knowing what you are doing can cause your computer to fail on boot up. Always make a backup BEFORE using any PC registry cleaner for the first time.)

Registry cleaners are a great maintenance tool for your PC. The registry is like the central nervous system of your PC, and problems with the registry can bring even the most robust computer to its knees. Even small registry errors can cause your PC to stop running normally.

About 99% of the time, the reason that computer performance decreases and errors become more prevalent is because of software not hardware problems. That is, problems arising from your operating system (i.e. Windows) and all the programs that are installed on your computer. The remaining 1% of the time, it’s due to a malfunctioning part of your hardware.

Cleaning and optimizing the Windows registry is a good place to start. For more information about what the registry is and how and why it should be cleaned, see our Registry Repair FAQ.

However, computer errors and poor performance can also be the result of a number of other issues including a fragmented hard drive, too many junk files and unnecessary programs running in the background.

ALL IN ONE SOLUTIONS:  We have found that an all-in-one suite of tools like PC Health Advisor which addresses all these problem-areas costs virtually the same as a ‘normal’ registry cleaner is a great value.

STAND ALONE SOLUTIONS: However for specialty work in your registry, products like RegCure are superior.  Both “all-in-one” and “Stand Alone” work great but one is more focused on a particular area of your PC’s health than the other. There are usually additional benefits to this. More in depth diagnosis and clean up for one.

Note: If you’re sure you only want a simple registry cleaner, consult our review below for help finding the right one.


New Website Downtime Notification Smart Phone Alert Service

Web Development Recommended Tip For Our ZZ News and Reviews Readers:

If you own a website… do you have a website server uptime monitoring and notification service?

A good website uptime / downtime monitoring and notification service is essential. We recommend trying out some of these new notification services reviewed below. Especially if you run a website that generates revenue!

Rockbridge Website Monitoring Service - Website Uptime Downtime Notification Alert SystemIf you have a website of any type or a blog running under ANY server or content management system platform, it’s always a good idea to be alerted if your site is down for any reason! Rockbridge Monitoring has introduced a new website monitoring system that can provide you that instant notification.  We have added some links here for our readers where you can go directly to their site and test it out for yourself using any website URL. You can also sign up your own website for free and then try out their notification service in real time before subscribing…  Sweet! They offer both a free trial version as well as multiple upgrades based on monitoring intervals you desire…

These services are affordable and are worth checking out if you don’t have any online method of monitoring your website’s uptime. They are excellent if you want to be alerted on your cell phone or Blackberry if your site ever goes down…

Here is some additional information taken from their website…

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Non-Stop Monitoring
  • Unless you are a robot, it is infeasible for you to keep checking your website or server to see if it is available. Leave this tedious job to our automated service, and enjoy peace of mind!
  • Multi-Protocol Support
  • They support ping, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSH, SMTP, DNS, POP3, IMAP, MySQL, and any arbitrary services running on TCP/IP.
  • Downtime Notification
  • Be the first to know when your website or server is in trouble! We notify via email and SMS.
  • Global Monitoring Locations
  • We monitor your website & servers from a global monitoring network not just to make sure they are UP but also available to worldwide users.
  • Add “Live Status Report” to Your Site (sample )
  • Are you a web host with reliable service but having no way to convince your (potential) customers? We let you easily display an uptime report on your website. Gain more customer confidence and sales!
  • Send Reboot Request to Your Provider During Downtime
  • You can use their service to automatically send email to your provider during downtime, to request for a reboot or any additional investigation.
  • Uptime & Performance Reports

Rockbridge Monitoring provides:   Website monitoring, web server monitoring & server monitoring from worldwide locations.  Receive downtime alerts via SMS & Email directed right to your cell phone or any of your key email account(s).

Monitoring Network
SMS/Email Notification
Quick Test

Top 10 Best Online Business Startup Programs

Review: Top 10 Best Online Home Business Startup Programs

We decided to provide our readers a comparison review of what we consider to be the best top 10 online home business start up programs we have researched on the internet.  Each program has its own special approach.  Since we believe in choice, we thought it would be useful to gather them all in one chart so you can pick through them. Some of our readers said they were interested in more information on how to start up an online business at home. Some said they just wanted to generate some added income in their PayPal account by monetizing their Facebook, blog or website.

So here’s the scoop!

Most of  the websites around this topic contain embedded videos that are in some cases a bit annoying. We selected the better ones that were actually worth listening to.  One of the more interesting approaches used, outside of using “squeeze pages” to promote their programs, is that there is in fact a market in even selling the actual page templates you see on some of these sites to bloggers who don’t have the time nor desire to create them themselves!  All of the top 10 best online business start up programs we included here usually involve reselling something that can be downloaded on the internet; but there are actually some that take a real twist. Like one online business that pays you for doing surveys on line!

By the way… yes…  I know there are actually 11 websites listed.  The last one, 10 Adsense Secrets, we could not resist adding when we were deciding on the best 10.  The information is actually very useful helping you learn how to use adsense properly and their eBook was dirt cheap.  Even if you are not interested in setting up a formal professional eCommerce website it was still useful for the non professional. They can even be applied to optimize Facebook sites.   Almost all of these sites have trialware and free informational guides if you don’t mind signing up to their mailing list. You can always take yourself off later if you think they are sending you too many promotional emails but you at least do get a chance to obtain a sample of what information and services they are providing.

[table id=1 /]

We plan to do a few more of these in the future so be sure to check back. You can also subscribe to our articles using the Subscribe links and check off the appropriate article category for your email updates in your email subscription.

Free Website Builder: Web Site Creator Review

Looking for a fast and easy way to get a website of your own? We found one of the fastest and cheapest ways to create a website with your own unique domain name ( http:|| ) is the Website Creator Lite package which is free offered over at Rockbridge Hosting.  While there is no real substitute for a professionally designed website, what’s nice about this package is that you can get a free do it yourself website when you purchase a domain name.  Domain names can be as low as $10 a year. There are links that let you find out which names are available on the internet so you can customize the domain name to meet your needs or reflect your business or hobby. We found this approach to be a very easy way for folks who are not trained in website design to set up their own website quickly and easily. What we like about this approach is that the hosting vendors often offer discounts on a more professionally designed website if you host your domain name with them. For instance the company Rockbridge Designs who is affiliated with Rockbridge Hosting offers discounts for upgrading from free websites to customer wordpress websites. We chose to review them since our website is hosted on their servers.

For instance you can create your own free web site in three simple steps! Rockbridge Hosting has now set up a step-by-step web site creation wizard which helps you build a professional looking website without any experience. Select your design, customize it with your content and images, and then publish it to show the world! Domain name registration is all it takes to get started and you can also choose other premium packages with more added features.

If you are interested in a low cost way of setting up a website, give this a try…

You can even try it free in their DEMO

The following is an excerpt from their website:

Why should you try Web Site Creator?

The Web Site Creator solution is a cost effective and easy-to-use web site template wizard with powerful customization capabilities. It’s a perfect way for anyone, regardless of their computer skills to get online. We even host the site for you.

  • Affordable for every website purpose – from informative to eCommerce
  • Anyone can easily create their very own website – and it looks like a pro made it!
  • Even the most novice user can get started right away
  • Customize your new site by selecting a template and modifying its content

By the way… use the PROMO CODE:  ZARDOZZ if you are interested in a new custom designed WordPress website and Rockbridge Designs will give you a 20% discount on either a Gold or Silver WordPress package with this promo code the provided us to pass along to our readers.  Check out what the folks over at Rockbridge Designs have to offer small businesses, contractors and yes bloggers too.