Review: New Affiliate Reseller Program

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to sell and earn commissions on the internet. You don’t even need a website to do it! All it takes is some writing and marketing skill, desire, and a PayPal account where companies can deposit your commissions. You don’t stock any products, you don’t need to support the end user customer. All you are doing is helping to promote a companies product for them online.

Here is an example of one of our Affiliate Programs we have have with Rockbridge Designs. They build websites for contractors and small businesses. If you think you have the skills then feel free to check it out further…

Rockbridge Designs Affiliate Reseller Program…


This is a short note to say — “Thank You” — not only for your participation but also to let you know about an exciting new product and service available for resale in 2010!

Our New Rockbridge Designs Affiliate Program — Lets You Earn $50 Commission on any customer referral that converts to a Gold or Silver website order placed at Rockbridge Designs.

If you sign up and qualify you will be authorized to resell and market our website design packages to residential and commercial contractors in the U.S. Rockbridge Designs offers Gold, Silver, Bronze and Custom website design packages based on the popular WordPress website development software, making it very easy for a small business owner to have a great looking website and market their business online..  We have also installed a new affiliate reseller management program that allows affiliates to log in, track their marketing campaigns and monitor their progress and earnings!   We provide you the banners, graphics, ads and the affiliate links for you to embed and promote our products on the internet, via your website, comment forms, home builder user forums like Contractor Talk , Electrician Talk and even your own eMail campaigns.

When you consider the number of building contractors in the U.S. that don’t even have a basic website online you can see that the opportunity is wide open!  An easy way to promote our products and services is to write a post or comment on existing sites that are focused on the building trades and include your promo codes and affiliate links and help us
promote our services while you earn commission!!  We pay out monthly but you must have a PayPal account in order to be paid in our program. Setting up a PayPal account is easy.

Don’t Have a Website??
If you don’t have a website or web server account, Rockbridge Hosting will provide you a courtesy discount if you are a verifiable Rockbridge Designs / PayLoadZ Affiliate.  Just fill out the Contact Us page at Rockbridge Designs AND ENTER THIS PROMO CODE: PA2010 We will then check your eMail address against our affiliate list and you will receive a 10% discount to be used at our hosting division, Rockbridge Hosting.

Good Selling and all the best in 2010,

The Admin Staff at…

Specializing in Websites For Contractors…

New Websites and Makeovers at a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising!

Website Packages as low as $11.95/Month —  All Search Engine Optimimized

Professional Websites Built For Contractors
With over 25+ Years of Fortune 500 and family owned contracting
business experiance — our owner has been giving back his knowledge to
the residential and commercial contractor community and small
businesses in NJ and PA…

  • We take the time to focus on your specific business needs!
  • Showcase your work – Photography Services for NJ Contractors
  • Visit our site for Free Links and Contractor Forums to help grow your business
  • Get more leads from your website and save money to boot!
  • Free Consultation – On the phone or face to face!
  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction – 30 Days Free No Risk Trial Period
    for every website we design or makeover. Visit our website to learn
    more. You have nothing to lose and who knows… maybe some business to
Contact Us for more information…
Rockbridge Designs, Mercer County, NJ

Creating an Online Business – Do’s and Don’ts

ZardozZ News and Satire has been online since 2003 and I am always asked by my friends if I ever make any money on this site. Well the truth is, this site is not really designed to generate online income. Its not and eCommerce site or set up as a home business online store.  Sure we do earn enough to offset our server costs from Google ads, and the sidebar ads you see, but to really earn money on line with a website you really need to be selling something people want at a price they are willing to pay for it.

There are a few don’ts for sure…

Most folks set up a website but struggle with finding the right content and products to sell. In fact most folks think that you need a fancy website to be successful in online website sales without thinking about WHAT they will be selling. When they get disappointed in their sales, the first thing they want to do is blame their website or the way it looks.

Finding online content to resell can be difficult.  For an online home business website, you don’t want to have to carry an inventory and deal with shipping products, so downloads are by far the fastest and easiest way to monetize a website.  But where do you find content without violating copyrights??

There are a few things you can do…

  • Sign up for a niche Reseller Program – where you become licensed to resell software a programmer wants marketed and they cut you in on a % of the sale. The one we have linked to provides $50 for leads that become sales for a company that designs websites for building contractors.  Know any building contractors? Who doesn’t?  Get referral money.  We will go into more of these in later posts.
  • Resell eBooks and Software – There are great packages you can find online to get started where authors have granted free master resale rights in order to get published.  We do some of this ourselves. It does work!
  • Join a Affiliate Partner Program — there are many out there. We like Commission Junction – there servers serve up the ads you see on our sidebar.
  • Sell Digital Goods — PayLoadZ is one of the best for this, but you still need content to sell. They have an affiliate program so you can simply resell what they have available.
  • Make sure you learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.  There are volumes on the web about this so start Googling.  Once you have a site that has some action, get some professional help if you feel you don’t understand how to improve your ranking on your own.
  • Social Networking on your websites….  More about this in the future. We do it here for ZZ News and Satire

THE KEY FOR ALL OF THE ABOVE IN THE END ARE YOUR MARKETING SKILLS !!! How to you sell and position products to potential customers.  This is what most folks need to learn and why they most often fail.  Build it (your website) and they will come does not work on the internet!!

Iprofit-Web for instance has pre-made templates which you are free to modify for a online home business.  We found it to be pretty damn good! When you see their site you will recognize right away a look and feel that you have probably seen before on the web.  Well that is part of the key. These templates are designed to engage a reader and make them really learn details about a product. Details they want to FEEL good about before they pay for anything.  There package has over 100 ebooks that are fully copyrighted with a transfer of master resale rights!  That means you are not violating any copyright when you resell them. In fact those authors don’t even mind if you GIVE THE BOOKS AWAY.  Why?  Because of the embedded links int he books that move readers to their websites where them might want to purchase additional content from them directly !

These are just a few items to help some folks who want to earn money online in their spare time and perfect if they are retired. This is actually fun for a retirement side income. Its not physical… but it does require hard work, time and some patience!!