A Special Message from Citizens Against Government Waste

Dear ZZNR Reader:

You may have seen the powerful new TV ad “The Chinese Professor” that is viewing on networks like Fox News and major programs across the nation.

The Chinese Professor offers a chilling warning: “Great nations fail because they turn their backs on the principles that made them great.”

This harrowing ad takes place in Beijing in 2030 and provides a glimpse of the bleak future awaiting our country if we don’t act today.

America, thanks to Obama and his liberal friends in Washington, have been turning their back on our founding principles.

This incredible ad was created by Citizens Against Government Waste, the nation’s leading fiscal watchdog in Washington.

Like you, they are worried about Obama’s ballooning deficits, his tax-and-spend plans, his trillion dollar Obamacare program.

Spending money we don’t have, and borrowing from China to finance the spree, the Obama administration has hurled us down a path of self-destruction.

Like a loan-shark waiting in the wings, China lends willingly, knowing that when we are unable to pay our debts they will, essentially, own us.

The more indebted the U.S. becomes, the more powerful China grows!

We must change course, immediately!

Please watch this powerful TV ad — See It Here Now

We are on a terrifying path.

But it’s not too late.

The president and liberals in Washington may have abandoned the principles that have built the greatest nation in history, but we have not.

Please watch this ad.

Please share this ad with your friends and family.

And please donate to Citizens Against Government Waste so they can continue their national TV campaign showing this ad.

Join us in fighting back. Our future depends on it.

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Thank you.

Citizens Against Government Waste

Watch the Chinese Professor Yourself: