With the U.S. administration once again demonstrating how it remains impeccable at mis-reading the politics in the Middle East, it finds itself now in a sever dilemma.  Which side to support  in the current crisis it helped create?

Mubarick’s release signals a shift back to strong central secular government principles that hopefully will keep a lid on all culturally destabilizing forces like the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamic extremist groups within the Egyptian borders.  It should be of no surprise to anyone that while it is unlikey that Mubarik himself will not regain the Presidency, it is very likely his supporters will prevail.  This leaves the U.S. once again in the position of aligning itself with the wrong players with respect to improving stabilization efforts in the Middle East.  How can we be trusted by our long standing partners??  Are we either intentionally or unintentionally facilitating the destabilization of the cultures within countries that we claim to have been supporters of a tolerant Middle East? American voters are beginning to ask themselves that question.  What world cultural future state are we really aligned with ?  The enemy of my enemies is my friend is not such a bad philosophy in a savage world of terrorism hell bent on oppressive domination of  a theorcratic intolerant ideology.

The Obama Administration, clearly must be regretting the part it played in creating the mess the world is witnessing. The White House has been played like a fiddle in the “Arab Spring” movement across the globe.  Is it really possible that this administration did not learn from the “elections” held in Gaza where Hamas was elected “democratically” in the vacuum created there when Abbas left.  The White House and State Department I feel certain were warned by countries like Jordan and Saudi Arabia that the vacuum being created in Cairo  mwould be filled by Islamist radicals and clearly that is what has happened.

We need to once and for all learn to stay out of Middle Eastern politics and allow the more secular Middle Eastern nations intervene and step up to protect global stability.  The best thing that John Kerry can do now is to denounce the Egyptian violence while at the same time assisting the military behind the scenes to regain control.  How much damage has been done abroad by this administration related to real religious  and personal freedoms remains to be seen. Witness the persecution of Coptic Christians by the “Movement” we backed!  1960s and 70s Democtrate hippies now in power in Washington need to understand not every movement by the “people” represents social “progress”.

Its time for a LIBERTARIAN viewpoint to emerge in American politics.  We need to learn how to better protect ourselves and stop picking sides in political struggles  overseas we don’t understand.  — Editor