For those of you who use Blogger as your blog publishing tool, I suggest that the logo you see above currently displayed on the Google search engine has nothing at all to do with Halloween. But everything to do with what we are calling the “demise of Blogger.” The above image captures it all. It’s really a depiction of the horror that has become the Blogger publishing experiance! If you tried to post over the weekend (and you did not switch over to their Beta version for many really valid reasons I might add) you will know what I am talking about. The bandages and the skeletal hand are more than appropriate to depict how many users feel about Blogger right now. The reliability of this platform since Google purchased the company last year has gone completely down the toilet. Not to mention loss of confidence and credibility of the support staff and expecially the management who obviously don’t give a rat’s ass about redundancy in their hardware archetecture. Yet 1.6B was spent by Google to seek to acquire YouTube. If you have a site with any serious traffic and readership it has become a disaster! The Beta version, which has been in beta for for months now, is still in beta and loaded with issues along with a myraid of conversion headaches for all but the most simple sites. We are sure they will work them out. The question is WHEN?? For you FTP users who have your own domain and ISP… (like this site) you’ll just have more outages to endure until they provide an FTP version. The question is WHEN?? Lord only knows what bugs and issues everyone will be experiancing when FTP is available!

Here is an excerpt from Stuck on the Palmetto who replied to one of the recent Blogger Status Updates… I reprint it here in the name of every Blogger user that was frustrated during the past three days… Italics are from the recent Blogger Status update… LOL…

In the short term, we’re replacing quirky hardware and increasing our monitoring to stop problems before they start (forgive me my clichés?).

You mean like this morning’s publishing problem that went on for over 8 hours? Sorta slipped through the cracks, this one, right guys? (forgive me my clichés.)

In the long term, we’re developing a new version of Blogger with some great new features that is built on technology and hardware that has proven, Google-quality reliability.

Excuse me for one minute. HAHAHHHAHHHAHH HAHHAHHHHAH HAAAH HAAHAHHHAHHAHHA. Okay, I’m back with you. “Google-quality reliability?” You’ve had Blogger now for how long, Google? And how many times a week is it going down? You can’t even make the old one work but you want us to believe that the new one is going to be better?

And then literally in the next breath, these Silicon Valley dweebs tell us that just to show us they’re serious about this fixin’ up thing, they’ve updated their “status blog” with the new Blogger beta. The “status blog” is essentially where they tell us about how terribly sorry Blogger is about the outages. Oh, and excuse the “bugs” with new “status blog.”

…I’m pleased to point out that our status blog is now powered by the new version of Blogger. This means that we will be free of the Catch-22 of problems with the current version of Blogger preventing us from reporting about the problems with the current version of Blogger. (And we’ll fix that bug that makes it look like all the posts came from me. We’re on it.)

They haven’t even been able to figure out how to match up the correct author with the posts. These are the guys bringing us the new “Google-quality” Blogger. — Rick / Stuck on the Palmetto

By the way…. check out the announcement on YouTube and see what we mean!!! Plenty of money to burn on a website… we are scratching our heads how this fits into Google’s future vision. Could they find themselves becoming the not so “big brother” of George Orwell 1984 fame? Say perhaps in 2020? Hmmm….

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