Can You Really Put Your Blog or Website On a Resale Autopilot ?

Do you want to find a way to earn a full or part time income while working from home? Or maybe you just want to make some extra money to add to your current income. In either case you’ve come to the right place! The present state of the economy has cut into raises and worse so an extra side source of cash has a great deal of value for many readers.

A side online income that runs on autopilot can really help add to your present income but proportionate to how much effort and desire you are willing to put into it. We make this start up process easier for folks that just don’t have the internet savvy to get started the right way! Sure we also make money from our programs but so do you as a reseller. We depend on online marketers like yourself who are looking for tangible digital download products with master resale rights to legally resell without violating copyrights and earn a profit!! The key is to keep your costs down by promoting and reselling knowledge content online without having to carry an inventory of physical goods, products or services yourself.

We have compiled a number of excellent links to websites and articles, and even found some free downloads for you, that will help you decide on the most efficient approach with the lowest rock bottom start up costs to help you generate incremental income from your current website or blog…

Here are just a few free links and sources that can help you get started…

Free Download eBooks ( Cost: $0 ):

Passive Income Online Marketing  + Online Business Website Creator for Newbies (This has actual HTML sample templates and information on how to create those slick looking sales pages called “squeeze pages” that you often see on the internet.)

Free Affiliate Reseller Programs (Cost: $0)

Here  is one of the easiest ways to earn extra money from your website by promoting the products and services of reputable small business startups. These are companies that depend on exposure from social networks and testimonials to grow their business online.  They don’t have the money that a Microsoft, Apple or HP might have to market a new software product for instance so they depend on the “viral” nature of the internet to get the word out about their products.  The key your you is to pick RELIABLE AFFILIATES with good products and services that provide value to your visitors.

Rockbridge Website Designs for Contractors as an example offers $50 for any customer lead sent to their site with a promo code (that they provide you) who places an order for one of their WordPress Websites that’s specially designed for contractors. You’ll notice that this is a very tight consumer niche. That benefits you because you can then focus your promotional articles on sites where contractors hang out. A little work on Google and you will easily find forums and directories. Their reseller page also has a link to a number of FREE directories that we won’t list here but you can search on them to find even more products and services that you might want to promote.

In later posts we will cover:

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  • How Do I Get Paid –  PayPal To The Rescue !
  • Setting Up Your Own REAL Business as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)
  • Email Marketing With Courtesy and Respect for your potential customers!!
  • Autoresponders – The Right Way and the Wrong Way

To be continued….