Updated for 2017: How To Completely Uninstall and Remove All Traces of iTunes – (So it can be properly reinstalled or permanently removed and deleted from your Desktop!)

How To Uninstall iTunes

Are you going crazy trying to completely uninstall or reinstall iTunes on your PC?

Scenario: Your latest download of iTunes got corrupted on your computer somehow, or was interrupted during installation. Doesn’t matter how. It happened to me. I realized I had to uninstall itunes and then reinstall iTunes. So I thought I would just download the latest version first and try reloading it. No dice. So I thought ok, I would first remove it using the ADD/REMOVE feature in the control panel and try again. Not so simple.  I found I could not remove the iTunes program off the Programs list! Reloading itunessetup.exe gave errors and would not start. Errors like: ” iTunes could not connect because an unknown error occurred 0xE8000003 ” are common errors among others. In my ensuing hours of Google research I found many posts of folks with just these very same issues and even worse! So let me share with you some of the answers, tips and software that I found from all the forums and sources I researched that will help you solve this problem once and for all and keep you from going completely nuts!!

First here is your overall objective:
1. Before you can reinstall iTunes you must first remove all remnants of the following applications listed including all “left over” files from your registry. Yep… that scary place on your PC !! :

First try removing each of these with their own “uninstallers” directly or by using the ADD/REMOVE application located in your Control Panel. Start –> Control Panel –> Add/Remove Programs. You must remove them in the order you see them below. If you are lucky you will be able to remove all of them just using your ADD/REMOVE program and everything will be fine after a registry cleanup and re-boot.

  1. iTunes Software
  2. Quicktime
  3. Apple Software Update
  4. Apple Mobile Support
  5. Bonjour (especially Bonjour, the most problematic and most difficult component to remove properly! )
  6. Apple Application Support (iTunes 9 or later)
  7. iPhone (if you have it loaded)
  8. and anything else related to iTunes — that’s the tough part where you need to be careful, for instance ver.10 they started adding the Safari browser which should also be removed during an uninstall just to be safe due to the tangled registry network apple is using! **

After these steps run a good registry cleaner like RegCure to clean up left behind registry keys. This can be especially important especially if you try using any of the faster more fool proof automated removal downloads below. You may need to run RegCure, clean up errors, and then try the process again. You can download a free copy here. NOTE: The RegCure download is a free evaluation version for diagnosing computer issues. To unlock all features and tools, a purchase is required. It’s useful however to use to see if you have registry issues that need to be cleaned up.

If you are lucky the above process will work first time around!

If all else fails there is an excellent detailed manual written and designed specifically to REMOVE ALL TRACES of iTunes from your PC. It also includes special removal software in the download. You can obtain it from the links below.  It’s less than ten bucks but it kept me from spending hours going nuts trying to fix this problem. They include detailed step by step instructions and software that does the registry changes for you automatically. You must follow the instructions STEP by STEP and in the order given and be sure to read all the instructions carefully first and it will work fine in the majority of cases (it works for > 95% of users unless you have other serious problems in your PC registry)RegCure might help in this case. They offer no guarantees but it did work perfectly for me and judging from the rest of the feedback here on our site, it worked perfectly for the vast majority of our readers who have used it.  Here are a few different sources if you want to find it and try it:

Check for the latest version and to find best deal at the download sites below:

E-Junkie: http://www.e-junkie.com/rockbridge/product/371521.php

Rockbridge: http://rockbridgedownloads.com/ebooks/

Amazon: There is also an iPad / Kindle version (text only) over at Amazon as well: ( B003VD1IRM )



**Note: The downloads at E-Junkie, PayLoadZ and Rockbridge both include special uninstaller software in the download that does a full and complete registry entry cleanup automatically  They include it within the downloadable zip file / package. It works great if you decide you would prefer to use automatic removal software to remove iTunes instead of making all the registry edits yourself manually which can be dangerous and crash your pc if you make a mistake! Obviously there is no download software in the Amazon Kindle version but there are references to the links above or you can get just the software here – but without the instruction manual – just be careful if you don’t know what you are doing if you use it. Best to get the complete download with instructions.  Compare the cost alternatives first and choose the one that makes the most  sense and works for you !!

P.S. Some of you have also asked us to update this post and recommend some really good software other than iTunes to manage and organize your music.  We did some research on a number of iTunes alternatives and found that an excellent top rated alternative is one called MediaMonkey.  This software actually has a free trial version so you can check it out yourself, which we always recommend, and the program also syncs music files directly with your iPhone, iPod, iPad and even the Android and other new smart phones.  Certainly its worth checking out if you are looking for a better alternative to iTunes!

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