So just how many of you are surprised at this turn of events? Our Prediction:  President Obama will have his hands full trying to contain Prime Minister Netenyahu from making a unilateral strike on Iran target sites before the election.  Israel also knows that having Obama in the White House is not all that healthy for their country’s security. A strike in late summer early fall will also send oil and gas prices through the roof thus ensuring the defeat of President Obama at the polls while not only disrupting the  Iranian’s “peaceful atomic energy program”.   The White House must be on pins and needles about what steps the Israelis will now take with or without our support…

Talks between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) over inspections of suspect nuclear sites broke down on Friday, deepening pessimism over the prospects of a negotiated settlement to the international impasse over Tehran’s nuclear aspirations.

Negotiations at the agency headquarters in Vienna were aimed at agreeing the framework for an IAEA investigation into whether Iran had a nuclear weapons programme in the past, something Tehran has denied. The break-down of the talks is likely to further damage the prospects for broader negotiations between Iran and six major powers due to resume in Moscow on 17 June, aimed at finding a compromise over the Iranian uranium enrichment programme and forestalling Israeli military action.

An IAEA statement after the talks expressed “disappointment” with Iranian negotiating tactics, saying the Tehran delegation “raised issues that we have already discussed and added new ones”. The statement said no date had been set for a follow-on meeting.

The failure of the talks is a personal blow to the authority of the IAEA director general, Yukiya Amano, who flew to Tehran to finalise an agreement and returned declaring the deal all but clinched.

At the heart of discussions was the IAEA inspectors’ wish to visit a military site at Parchin as a priority, in order to look into intelligence reports that a special metal chamber had been installed there in 2000 for testing high-explosive components of a nuclear warhead.  READ MORE>>>