Editors Note:  I have not posted on “Politics” for quite some time.  If you read this website you know where we have stood in the past.  We tried to evolve but after this morning I felt absolutely COMPELLED to write this article if nothing more than to get it off my chest !

We are living in historical times.   Yes that can be said of any time in the past, however… Social Media, and the internet is finally creating an increasing level playing field of expression of how people feel. It is not just once a year in a voting booth.  The dialogue is open and in the public.  Its a threat to autocratic societies because it erodes control of a central government.  Get used to it folks! Both Democrat and Republican politicians alike should take careful note that there is a movement afoot whereby the voice is with the PEOPLE once again. Republicans are being forced to decide.  Side with the people or side with the old guard? Go with “The Party” or be a revolutionary and go with someone like Donald Trump.  (Maybe its the same “Hope and Change” message but on the other side of the aisle now!)   There was a belief at one time in this country that anyone who had good ideas and had the ability to inspire people could run for President and win IF the one man one vote rule was held supreme and fair elections prevailed.  What we are seeing in this primary election cycle is the power of the internet to give voice to the people to create a level playing field that reaches out to another generation.  Short of a Republican or Democratic politician forcing their way into a voting booth with us, and pulling the lever they want, WE, as individuals contribute to that final say.

Not more than 5 minutes after the Romney speak today directed at Trump and you can see the galvanization of millions of his supporters against the Washington elite.  Clearly a backlash because they see what it really was.  An attempt to sway the minds of the electorate to keep the old institutions alive.  It used to be Ted Cruz.  Cruz is just a feared by the Republican establishment.  The same thing would have occurred to him if he were the front runner.  The Trump and Sanders phenomenon is not a coincidence.  People on both sides of the aisle are simply FED UP WITH POLITICS AND POLITICIANS AS USUAL.  Sanders is an outlier.  That Hillary has some much trouble with him speaks volumes about the health of their house as well.   People want change and elected officials ( not politicians) who will WORK FOR THEM and not the other way around!  Neither party has figured out a way to really respond to it.

The old guard Republican Party is just NOT listening.  They feel threatened. There are also very nervous Democratic party officials privately just as nervous.  The difference is that the Democrats clearly do a better job of keeping it quite. They could have elected to collectively gang up on Sanders but they didn’t.  What the Republican old guard is doing now is just ENSURING the end of their era.   Only 17% of the U.S voters feel Congress is doing their job.Folks on the left. Don’t kid yourselves. That’s BOTH parties.  Remember back when Democrats controlled the Presidency, and both Houses?  Promises were made to improve the economy and keep us safe. Where are we today? Obamacare… not quite what Dems hoped for. Costing them money they thought it would be free.  ALL citizens are tired of promises and betrayal in BOTH the so called “Parties”.  Rand Paul did not have a chance as a Librarian either!   For reference, see Bernie Sanders.  While Democrats have many ways of brokering the outcome of elections within their party in the end the PEOPLE still make the decision on who gets to go to Washington and represent them.  So what are they to do?  Expel Trump from the Republican party?  What a mess from THEIR perspective.  From the people’s perspective, folks are just voting for the candidate that they feel would best represent their interests and values!   That’s what democracy was founded upon.

WHY PARTIES IN THE FIRST PLACE?   There is NOTHING in the Constitution that requires political parties. Anyone in America can run as an Independent. It just takes money. Lots of it.   Nothing in the Constitution says how many parties should exist in a nation.  The only reason they DO exist is to FUND (i.e. get that good old money) to a candidate that further’s their parties agenda.  What if that agenda gets confused? Becomes out dated?  Also…what if someone doesn’t need money from any party? Yes they can run as an independent but think…. that also puts pressure on one party or the other to respond to what the Independent is speaking to that their party is not?  That door swings in both directions.  What if there were NO parties? Can the idea ever become obsoleted?  Well sure… in a dictatorship there is only ONE party.  That of the one controlling party… (i.e. North Korea) and others.    Well…. the entire systems comes down around its ears.  That’s what we are starting to see over the last few election cycles.

Donald Trump has EVERY RIGHT to run for President.  That’s the end of it.  Americans on both sides of the aisle should be very concerned when politicians band together to try and alter the democratic process.

Sound like Science Fiction?  I think not. I may be happening right before our eyes as even more frustrated independents are looking for alternatives. The country could very well be at a crossroads.  Democracy or Autocracy and a big brother centralized government.  If the Repblican party is broken up, this could be very bad for everyone including the Democrats who’s voters will run the risk of enabling a ONE PARTY system in the U.S.   NOT A GOOD IDEA….   The founders knew this….  THIS IS WHY THE CONSTITUTION AND WHAT IS WRITTEN IN IT MUST BE PRESERVED !!!!