New Free Website Uptime Monitoring Service

Website Monitoring Alerts

If you have a website or blog running under ANY publishing platform it’s always a good idea to be alerted if your site is down for any reason! Rockbridge Services LLC has introduced a new website monitoring system that can provide you that notification. We have added some links where you can go directly to their site and test it out. You can also sign up your website for free and then try out their notification service in real time before subscribing. They offer both a free version as well as a professional premium upgrade – It’s YOUR choice which is fine with us…

This new service is worth checking out if you don’t have any method of monitoring your website’s uptime and want to be alerted to your cell phone or Blackberry if your site goes down…

Don’t Let Downtime Ruin Your Business!

1. Know problems earlier
2. Fix problems earlier
3. Improve your uptime dramatically

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Here is some additional information taken from their website…

Rockbridge Services provides: Website monitoring, web server monitoring & server monitoring from worldwide locations. Receive downtime alerts via SMS & Email directed right to your cell phone or any of your key email account(s).

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