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HostGator Discount Coupons


We now have a special discount arrangement with HostGator to pass some savings along to our readers in concert with Rockbridge Designs our website developer an authorized HostGator reseller. Rockbridge provides us free hosting and in turn we help promote their services and they pass discounts for their services over to our readership. Win Win for everyone!

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Happy New Year 2013

Welcoming in the  2013 Fiscal Overhang

With less than a few hours remaining in 2012, our so called “leaders” in Washington should still have plenty of time to find the most promising spot to kick on our fiscal garbage can in order to send it way down Pennsylvania Ave and well away from the White House for the next Congress to deal with.  Oh happy days!

iPhone iTouch iPod to PC Transfer Software

iPhone iTouch iPod to PC Transfer Utility Cucusoft iPhone / iTouch / iPod to PC Computer Transfer is an easy to use iPod / iPhone utility designed to help you backup all your files from your iPod  /iPhone / iTouch. Recover lost or missing music or backup and restore all of your iPod / iPhone / iTouch content; including your favorite songs, videos, photos, Play Lists and more. If you have any iPod / iPhone device, this software is a ‘must have’ utility to keep your iPod / iPhone safe.


  • * Top-rated iPod transfer software – Easy and simple to use, powerful as well.
  • * Supports all iPod / iPhone / iTouch models.
  • * Auto-scans your iPod / iPhone devices.
  • * Auto-searches by Album/Artist/Genre/Type.
  • * Simple to install and operate.
  • * Advanced settings supports Backup Folder Rule.
  • * Index by Album/Artist/Genre/Type.
  • * Easily and quickly backup your songs, videos, photos, playlists, podcasts and more from your iTouch / iPhone / iPod to any folder on your PC.
  • * Supports manage iPhone / iTouch / iPod content, import and export files between devices and computer.
  • * Supports not only iPod / iPod Nano / iPod shuffle, also iPhone and iTouch.
  • * Supports play media file directly in our program without third party player.
  • * Supports manage your iPod device on any computer.
  • * Supports transfer photos from iPhone / iTouch / iPod to computer.
  • * Supports locate music or video by album/artist/genre easily.
  • * Supports multiple languages. (English, Spanish, Deutsch, Japanese, Chinese…)
  • * Good value for money.

See more awesome products from CuCuSoft for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other Apple products on their website!  This is one of the top software alternative vendors for Apple based software utility solutions.


Windows 8 Touch Screen Wonder

Microsoft Windows 8 —  To Upgrade or Not ?

An upgrade to Windows 8 is not compelling, say analysts

An upgrade to Windows 8 is not compelling, say analysts
Designed for touch, it requires a great touchscreen or a touch pad
Priyanka Joshi / New Delhi Aug 13, 2012, 01:13 IST

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8, has reached the release to manufacturing (RTM) stage. In simple words, the company has finalised the code along with the features going into the final version of Windows 8. Partners like phone or tablet PC vendors to original equipment manufacturers can now start using the platform to launch their products for the Windows 8 worldwide launch on October 26. But analysts believe domestic consumers and enterprises aren’t exactly pining for Windows 8.

Personal computer (both notebook and desktop) sales are expected to grow eight per cent in 2012, according to CyberMedia Research data. And analysts argue it would be driven by Windows 7. Sumanta Mukherjee, lead analyst at CyberMedia Research (Infotech practice), says: “Windows 8 is designed for touch which means you need either a great touchscreen or a great touch pad. We don’t anticipate the new OS (operating system) to be a compelling upgrade to Windows 7.”  Read More…

Searching For The Face of God: The Higgs Boson

APNewsBreak: Researchers to announce evidence of ‘God’ particle that explains universe

Man is perhaps one step closer at understanding the nature of the universe in a super sophisticated research facility on the Swiss / French border – perhaps in a few weeks!  What if Science does actually “prove” the existence of a single “force or power” that is the basis for countless human references to a “God” or  “gods(s)” or the concept of a central creator to explain why we are here and aware of ourselves?  We are in fact matter that is aware of itself which has evolved the “intelligence” to do this investigation which has developed over time and space on our corner of the universe.  If we can discover this surely other species in the universe may in fact have reached that same discovery in their evolution. Such a discovery would link our understanding of the universe in a cosmic mutual history as the search for physical truth should lead all scientific paths ( wherever it occurred in the universe) to the existence of this very same “god particle”…. Now think about this…  What other implications might this have?  Can we finally link Science and Religion?  The final bridge of understanding that removes the last vestiges of religious conflict? Who knows…?

We wonder if all the money and effort put forth to understanding the physical universe, and its basic underlying indisputable truth, is just another form of “prayer” just based in “science” and is actually no different than the “prayer” common to all the cultures of the past ( and perhaps on other worlds) that made an effort to pay homage and seek a communication with a creator they could not see but intuitively believe is present in this world right along side us to explain their own existence??  Hmm…  for particle physics this is a BIG DEAL in that it may prove that in fact there is SOMETHING that is responsible for creating the universe…  it did not come out of nothing.  Where these particles come from and how they came to be will sound very much like a religious claim.  I would expect the explanation to be postulated:  “It was always there and always will be… without beginning or end”   …the underlying essence of everything?  So now what ?   We are still killing each other on this planet !!  — ZZB



GENEVA — Scientists working at the world’s biggest atom smasher plan to announce Wednesday that they have gathered enough evidence to show that the long-sought “God particle” answering fundamental questions about the universe almost certainly does exist.

But after decades of work and billions of dollars spent, researchers at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, say they aren’t quite ready to say they’ve “discovered” the particle.

Instead, experts familiar with the research at CERN’s vast complex on the Swiss-French border say that the massive data they have obtained will essentially show the footprint of the key particle known as the Higgs boson — all but proving it exists — but doesn’t allow them to say it has actually been glimpsed.

It appears to be a fine distinction. Senior CERN scientists say that the two independent teams of physicists who plan to present their work at CERN’s vast complex on the Swiss-French border on July 4 are about as close as you can get to a discovery without actually calling it one.

“I agree that any reasonable outside observer would say, ‘It looks like a discovery,’” British theoretical physicist John Ellis, a professor at King’s College London who has worked at CERN since the 1970s, told The Associated Press. “We’ve discovered something which is consistent with being a Higgs.”  — AP NEWS via Washington Post >>> READ MORE !!

President Obama Granting Himself Amnesty?

President Obama yesterday signed an executive order to stop deporting children of illegal aliens opening the door for a massive wave of illegal immigration of pregnant women across our southern border in an effort to be given amnesty at some point because their children will have the right to stay in the U.S.  Rather than focus on SECURING OUR BORDERS this President, for clearly political purposes, has decided to thumb his nose at our legislative system. This action is so blatantly political that it has all the earmarks of backfiring on him.  What if the Republican House now puts together a bill based on Mark Rubio’s vision for handling illegal immigration with a provision similar to his executive order… How can the Democratic led Senate reject bringing it to a vote? 

Republicans can turn this into a win for themselves – and with Sen. Marko Rubio (R), as a potential VP running mate, this tactic might just backfire on the President that would be King, Barrack Obama.

Some are wondering if this royal decree might not also apply to himself as many still question if in fact he was actually born in the U.S. Ok…a satirical title and idea? Sure we know, but why not play to the insanity emanating from Washington? It’s this year’s free three ring circus.



President Obama returned Friday to a trusted tactic — satisfying his political allies by not doing something.

Conservatives were angry when Janet Napolitano announced the administration would stop deporting certain undocumented immigrants but they should have seen it coming. On issue after issue – gay rights, drug enforcement, Internet gambling, school achievement standards – the administration has chosen to achieve its goals by a method best described as passive-aggressive…

… As of Friday, the federal government won’t deport undocumented immigrants under age 30 who came to the United States as children. It is a temporary, de facto implementation of a part of the stalled DREAM Act.

The result: a loud message to Hispanic voters to remember Obama in November.

On gay rights, too, the administration has asked agencies to do less. In February 2011 the Justice Department announced it would not defend DOMA against court challenges — an unusual step for the agency, which typically defends legal challenges to laws on the books. But the 1996 law, which bars the government from recognizing same-sex marriage, appears headed to the U.S. Supreme Court via either the 9th or 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

In August, Obama’s DHS announced it would no longer deport the non-citizen spouses of gay Americans — a direct contradiction to DOMA as well.

The tactic has its start in the earliest days of the administration. In October 2009, the DOJ announced it would not prosecute medical marijuana users or suppliers in states where it’s legal, despite the state laws contradicting federal law. Federal law generally trumps state law in such matters.


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