New Website Content Publishing  System For Bloggers

For many website publishers, finding good authors who can deliver focused content ( and for free ) has been more than a challenge. There is however a new solution being pioneered by SEO LinkVine. If you have a WordPress, Joompla, Drupal or any website that has XML-RPC enabled ( this is a requirement) now you have a way to network with an entire community of content publishers to generate new and fresh content on your website or blog. They are only allowed to embed up to 3 links and you have the ability to reject any article before you publish it on your site!

SEO LinkVine is a new unique free portal system that connects and matches authors with website owners seeking fresh content. Webmasters control the content that is posted on their sites based on website category matching. They have a free version for website owners that is easy to use but only if you have a WordPress, Joomla or Drupal based site or as we said any website that uses the XML-RPC publishing protocol !  You might want to convert your website to WordPress ?

Spinning Content Posts

This is a technique that allows authors to submit articles in a variety of formats to increase Google page rank for the website or blog.  Unlike most all other article marketing networks that allow article submissions with spin tag variations, SEOLinkVine’s editor supports multiple formats. So if you’re currently also submitting your articles to another network, or using a different article spinner software, most likely SEOLinkVine will accommodate that format.