Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) may in fact be the only Democratic candidate with a solid rational plan for a successful outcome in Iraq. He also appears to be the only Democratic candidate capable of calling it like it is with respect to the political/strategic situation in the now current Iraq “police action”. We agree with Joe Biden, who has been calling for the end to the flawed idea of a “strong Central Iraqi Government” instead focusing on a more decentralized for of government within a loose federation at the national level. This approach provides the best chance for POLITICAL stability in Iraq which MUST come first before the idea of significant troop withdrawal is even plausible. A smart Republican candidate would do well to strongly support Sen. Biden’s rational position thus demonstrating both the capacity of flexibility and that collaboration between both parties is still possible within in American political leadership. We suspect that would play very well with American voters that are tired of the divisiveness on Capitol Hill.

On another front, Joe Biden “nails it”, when he indicated he would NOT cut funding for the troops on the ground as a tactical means to put more pressure on the Bush administration to “end the War”. During the Meet the Press interview, Joe Biden made a compelling, extremely articulate and impressive plea to his colleagues to NOT use funding cuts as a political football at the expense of American military lives. He spoke primarily about the new Cougar HumVee upgrades that are virtually IED proof which are needed to replace current HumVees in theater. The upcoming funding bill if NOT approved would cut funding for these vehicles and would thus DIRECTLY place more American lives at risk. When asked if he would go along with other Democrats and vote to cut funding for the war at the expense of gaining the nomination of the Presidency from his party, he responded in one of the most sincere statements I have seen a politician make on Meet the Press in a very long time. He said he would make the choice to support the troops and the funding even at the expense of loosing the Democratic primary race. Awesome!

Republican front runners should take note and a long and careful look at Senator Bidens’s strategic proposals for shifting the strategy in Iraq toward encouraging the movement toward regional governments under a Federation (Federalist System). He clearly appears one of the few politicians that thinks out of the box and is in fact has the courage to be a REALIST about the situation in Iraq speaking to the consequences of just pulling troops out without a long range plan.

Hats off to Senator Biden. Joe, we know you are a long shot as the Democratic candidate for the Presidency, but you at least have this one blogger’s respect for stating the facts and putting forth a true strategy change that makes sense even at the expense of your own political ambitions. Bravo! — ZZ