When reading president Theodore Roosevelt’s (R)  perspective on immigration back in 1907 it makes you wonder what his thoughts would be today? (By they way. It should also be noted that he was attributed to beginning the “Progressive Era” which has long since been perverted by the present day far left). Yes, ironically he was a Republican, the same party of Lincoln which opposed and abolished slavery in the U.S. Abolishing slavery was surely a “progressive” idea to say the least at a time when Democrats insisted on slavery for the cotton trade.  So what the hell has happened?

Where has all the common sense gone? Teddy Roosevelt’s views are simply 100% pro-America first. Not nearly as politically correct as the left when spoken in public today.  Read carefully his acknowledgement of an immigrants obligations when they become a legal U.S. citizen! Today, when similar points of view are expressed, there are outcries of racism from the Democrat left. Just ask Donald Trump who takes this same position!  Democrat liberals will call it “racist” and politically incorrect and say we have “progressed” since 1907.  Of course only their point of view matters.  Even when most Americans feel we have in fact “REGRESSED” over the past 109 years when it comes to simple common sense and headed in the wrong direction thanks to “modern” progressive thinking and “Political Correctness” run amuck.

We need to not only “Make Our Country Great Again” but also “Take Our Country Back Again” — and in particular, from those who have perverted the original principles of the progressive movement at the turn of the 20th century by this great President. I am not referring only to Democrats. The old guard Republican establishment have clearly lost both the formula and courage of a once great party. Religious freedom, yes of course, but not when that “freedom” violates U.S. Law as Sharia law does.  No apologies here in light of the unchecked rise of radical religious extremism in the world today.

It’s time now for a President who thinks more like Teddy did, who loved the environment but always put Americans first above all else, including himself, as real leaders do.

I would suggest reading the Pulitzer prize winning biography of one of the most patriotic American presidents in history.  History unadulterated: The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt (Modern Library Paperbacks)