So the new budget has just been delivered to the country, and for the most part, it’s full of cuts. Although to be honest i’m not entirely sure what we were expecting, given the national recession-based climate. So with a lot of tough decisions still to be made at No.10, everyone’s paying attention to Mr. Cameron and Mr. Clegg. So with all of this attention on the pair of them, they should start thinking about some designer sunglasses, for two reasons. Firstly, they can get away with avoiding eye contact when those journalists ask difficult questions, and secondly they clearly both want to appear closer to the youth of today. So let’s have the youthful fashion then please!

But what do the two politicians consider to be in-style this season? Let’s begin with our new PM, Mr. David Cameron. I’ve seen him recently in a pair of awesome Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses, and I’ve also seen him on his bike sporting some Oakley Radars. Hmmmm, not actually all that helpful. I was anticipating some poor excuses for style when seeing what Mr. Cameron had, but actually, he’s made a good choice. Ray Ban are a quality make and the retro look achieved by the brand is perfect for this seasons’ trend. Unbelievably, he’s even gone and picked the right sunglasses for biking, choosing one of the best pairs of Oakley sunglasses for the job.

Next up is Nick Clegg, who surely won’t disappoint when it comes to the embarrassing fashion stakes? Ummm yeah, this isn’t going at all how i thought it would. I’ve just come across a picture of Nick sporting some Carrerra sunglasses …. surely they must have been put in via photoshop? Even the colour he’s picked fits in perfectly with the seasons’ trends! Oh I’ve had enough, they’re both clearly not too bad at choosing their eyewear. Where’s the dour Scotsman when you need him?

I have to say i’m actually reasonably impressed with these two; i’m confident they’ll have personal advisors who will have pushed them in the right direction, but none-the-less, it’s not at all bad for a pair of politicians who i thought would be easy targets. Nick, David, I’m impressed!