Folks, if there was a way to take real time blood pressure and stress level readings of America while watching the evening news, it would certainly be at an all time high this week.  The vitriol, shouting matches and bulging veins on the heads of our so called “leaders” in Washington have reached an all time high! In fact, it can actually be very unhealthy for viewers to watch for any extended period of time. Watch and see if someone doesn’t file a lawsuit against a network for projecting too much anger on its viewership.  Just kidding but a warning to all…just be careful if you have a heart condition or you are prone to stroke.  Watching more than 30 minutes of CNN or MSNBC or even Fox in any one sitting is likely to negatively impact your vital signs.  Look for blood pressure medication and anti anxiety prescription sales to go through the roof this winter!

What’s really sad about all this projected political anger and hysteria s how awful our country is looking to viewers watching outside of the U.S. Our media is blindly playing right into hands of those foreign powers who seek to discredit American society and its past values and morality. Putin is winning in this game using the U.S. media as a sometimes willing tool. He must be laughing his ass off in fact. The U.S. media is falling right into his trap – aiding the process of ripping ourselves apart as a nation.  We look like the “Dis-United States of America” to the world right now.  Wake up my brothers and sisters of all races, creed and gender. We are Americans first!  The recent behavior on both sides of the political spectrum is disgusting and needs to be dialed back if we are to retain any self respect as a nation!.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ELECTION REDO!   If you are a Democrat your next opportunity is on 2020.  Dems need to stop with the “Hail Mary” passes AFTER time has officially run out in the Super Bowl and the other side is celebrating on the field! The outgoing President (and even the loser Hillary Clinton) can make some REAL history by taking the high road making an effort to openly rally around WORKING WITH REPUBLICANS for the good of AMERICA as a NATION not foster even more division and divisiveness to the detriment of their own party.  WE ARE AMERICANS FIRST ARE WE NOT ??

Word of Advice for Democrats: If you continue your obstructionist behavior you do so at your own peril of losing even more seats in the Senate in 2018. Is Joe Manchin (D-WV) the only Democrat with his head screwed on right? His willingness in working WITH Republicans to help improve the life of his constituents makes absolute sense for all the right reasons.  Dems will lose more Senate seats in the 2018 mid-term elections if they continue their identity politics approach and don’t start listening to the people in their state that went from blue to read. Folks have had enough of politics as usual!  Keep it up and you may see a Super Majority Republican Senate by 2020 is you believe obstructionism is your way forward! You had a chance to give way to younger voices in your own party. But what did you do? Decided to go the same old way with Pelosi and Schumer, while Republicans are taking a BOLD and populist approach of inclusion LISTENING TO ALL PEOPLE IN AMERICA…  not just those in large cities.  That not so silent now majority voted for changing from business as usual to allowing more non-politicians to make non political decisions to grow and improve America. Especially with leaders like Ben Carson who have a greater vision for a more united America!  Working together and come to the negotiating take willing to participate and partner.  It will do wonders for reducing everyone’s stress levels.  Remember what President Obama once said, “Elections have consequences”. Dems, don’t be part of the problem and not part of the solution, or you will pay dearly at the voting booth in 2018.